Art Fusion – First Edition

Well our AYU Art Group had their first Art Fusion event. We had a ton of fun. Learned a lot and plan on doing another one in the future.

Joelle Willsey was nice enough to come and take photos for us. She went way above and beyond and took a ton of photos for us! This was excellent as many of us did not get to look at what was going on with the other pieces while we were looking.

I have reorganized the photos so that each group of pictures will be following the same piece of paper as it develops with different artists working on it.

Apparently this is just way too many photos for the WordPress system to keep track of and handle. So I will put each of the pieces that was worked on in it’s own separate post – Then I will post this again at the end  (which will read as the beginning) or some semblance of it anyhow.

~ by justteejay on January 11, 2011.

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