“What Would You do with This?” Underwater Edition

This is the image that Sara picked out for us this time:

Casey liked the flow and the colors and focused on that. He did mention that he didn’t know if he was done with this or not, so if he sends me an updated version I will add it later.

This looked like a koi to me and my idea was to make a koi with the same color and flow as the thing in the picture. I had some pieces of black paper around and started with them. First thing that I tried was sidewalk chalk… but it was pretty light and not really pink.

Next I tried some other chalks that I had and the colored charcoals that I had purchased (and never used) for the portrait drawing class that I took recently. I was much happier with the vibrancy of these – but didn’t feel like I had good control over them. Once I stood back and looked at it, I didn’t like the shape of the koi either.

So I decided to try again with the same charcoals and what-not – but as it turns out the rest of the paper was different – It didn’t have the same tooth and wasn’t as dark, so I was unable to get edges or build up layers of the chalk and charcoal.

So I decided to go a completely different direction and try with colored pencils. That way I would have more control and could do finer lines. Now I know from past experience the colored pencils do not stand out well at all on the black (or I would have started with them in the first place). Solution? Draw the image reversed on white paper and invert it in photoshop. This is a learning experiment – so why not?

and then once the image was reversed:

I thought this worked much better than the other attempts and was pleased enough with the results to stop there. I would have rather had the swirly things a different color – but the blue works (I thought that it would be more of a teal color than straight up blue). This week is Sara’s last official week working at the shop, but we are going to ask her to continue to select projects for us.

~ by justteejay on December 18, 2010.

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