Booking Appointments for 2011

Booking Appointments

I will be opening the books up again very shortly to start booking for 2011. Here is the deal with booking appointments.

If you have a piece in progress or you are a “regular client”, then you can contact me beginning December 13th to hold times. If you are not sure if you are a “regular client”, then you probably are not.

After the first of the year, I will start booking appointments for everyone else.

(Please note that both shops are closed on the January 1st)

If you are a completely new client – you will have to talk to me BEFORE you can book an appointment. This may be an email conversation, a phone conversation or possibly a personal consultation. You will NOT be able to stop in to the shop and book with me through anyone else.

If we have talked generically about your tattoo design or idea, but I do not have specifics (tracing of the body part, photo reference, style choices, etic.,) then you will need to have a consultation appointment ahead of time.

If we have already had a consultation appointment and I have agreed to work with you on your design, then you have options as how you can book.

~ stop into the Webster location on a Friday or Saturday and book in person with one of the counter staff

~ email me reminders of all necessary design info and then call to book the appointment and leave the deposit by phone

~ email me reminders of all necessary design info and paypal the deposit and I can call or email back with dates for your appointment

I must have either a completed appointment sheet or all of your information in writing (via email or regular mail) and a deposit BEFORE I can schedule time for you. I will not “just hold some time” for you without having clear specifics on what we are doing.

If you have ANY questions at all, please contact me through email. It is difficult to catch me on the phone, but you are welcome to try. Please do not stop into either shop unannounced except for Fridays and Saturdays in Webster when there is a counter person there to assist you.


Below is a repost explaining the changes that I have made to my scheduling. Again, these are the guidelines that I am working under, if you have questions at all, please contact me directly.

Thank you muchly!!!


my direct email is teejay1<the little at symbol>


For some time now I have been feeling overwhelmed. I have tried in the past to cut back on the number of new projects that I am taking on and while it has helped some…. the time has come to do something a bit more drastic.

I apologize in advance to any who may feel slighted. I am not judging you or your tattoo. I am not telling you that there is anything wrong with the style of tattoo that you would like.

What I am doing is cutting back on the projects that I am doing and focusing on a smaller variety of tattoos.

So for the foreseeable future I will be doing:

Portraits and Realistic Work

Custom Celtic Designs

Figurative, Pin-up and Fairies

No Outline Color & Black and Grey Work

Medical Tattooing (Reconstructive)

continuing work on existing clients

I will not be doing:

Reworks and Cover-Ups (other than mine)

Flash (other than mine)

Regular “outline” Tattoos (yes this is completely subjective)

Small Single Point Tattoos (unless it is a ridiculously fun idea)

Traditional Japanese style Work

Text or Word based designs (no paragraphs of type)

Tribal (still)

Any tattoo pulled off of an existing tattoo on the internet (I am not going to copy someone else’s tattoo)

Anything that is not open for artistic interpretation or improvement (if you know every single detail of exactly how it needs to look with no input from me)

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me and ask. There are a whole bunch of exceptionally talented artists at both of the shops. The time has come for me to step back on my tattooing and pass more projects along to them.

~ by justteejay on December 5, 2010.

3 Responses to “Booking Appointments for 2011”

  1. Do what you need to do.. the people that know that you are the right person for the tattoo will do what they have to do to make it happen.. patience pays! I waited 8 years 🙂

    ps… I have this picture of someones tattoo I found on the internet and was wondering if I emailed it to you, if you would sketch it up for me to see if I actually want it.. I have a few artists that I want to have draw it so I can pick to see whos I like best.. Thanks in advance for wasting your time for me……….

    that was a sample of an email I received recently.. thought I would share to let you know I feel your pain and frustrations at times

  2. TeeJay,
    You did some work for my friend Dan Henderson, you came highly recamended I’m new to the tatoo arts.Is there a way i can get a consultaation .
    Thanks for your time
    Keith Ferrigno

    • Keith,
      Please either give me a call or email me a phone number where I can reach you. Then we can talk about what you have in mind and/or schedule a consultation time.
      Thanks much,

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