October 9th…. What would you do with this?

A couple of weeks ago some of us were looking at one of Starr’s paintings – she showed us the reference photo that had inspired the piece. Both Damon and I thought that the reference photo was cool – but had said that we would have taken it in completely different directions.

Thus began a new project for us.

Every other Saturday Sara selects a starting point for us. Each artist takes the image home and does whatever it inspires them to do. Our first one was handed out on October 9th.

This is the original source image:

Young Flavian Woman

What Damon did with it:

What Starr came up with…. Starr also mentioned that she was going to add a fork to the top of this. If she does so, I will be sure to add the update:

And what I did with our young Flavian woman:

Damon came back to this one later (in December)  and sent me this study that he had done from the original Flavian Woman image:

The one that has been selected this time is:

We have a couple of extra players this time as Joey and Casey have decided to have a go at it as well (of course both of them agreed before they had seen the source photo). Hopefully I will get the results posted back here promptly after their completion (and subsequent scanning).

If anyone out there would like to play along – feel free… and if you would like to forward what you come up with, I will add it here.

~ by justteejay on October 25, 2010.

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