I’m still here

It has not escaped my attention that I have been not been regularly posting here as of late. Have a lot going on in the non-internet portion of my life and haven’t had a burning desire to share much.
I’ll try and come up with something cool for you soon or at least try to post some of the great projects that I am working on at the moment.

On a side note. Silverback Ink who makes the grey washes that I use in my work, have recently come up with tinted greys. Slight color casts to add some depth, interest and neat effects to black and grey work. I have been working with the “Mold” and “Fresh” varieties for a little while now (Green and Reddish respectively) and love them!!! The Fresh leaves the healed tattoo looking like it was very first done. A lot of ink suppliers have attempted this over the years – but Silverback is the first to have pulled it off.
This week Randy sent me a sample set of the new purple tint. I have done a little bit of work with it and of course love it as well.
Now I am looking for a project where I can use all three tints (in addition to the original grey set). My first thought was roses…. one red, one purple, green in the leaves and the greys in the background… decided that was too boring and I should be able to do better than that. Then I thought maybe deadish looking gypsy head (all the cool tattooers are doing them these days) or a zombie bride with a purple face and green veil…. so if you have a great suggestion let me know and maybe I will squeeze you in some place real soon to put it on you.
Let me know.


I was able to get a healed photo of one of the earlier pieces that I did when I got the colored greys. I think that the fresh works really well to help separate the make-up from the rest of the skull texture. Hope to post more examples as I see people to get healed photos.

~ by justteejay on August 13, 2010.

One Response to “I’m still here”

  1. HI TeeJay, Just wanted to let you know I just love my tattoo. I have shown it off so much, I don’t mind dropping my pants to show it. HAHA Dr. Vega just loved it. I have shown alot of patients too and they say they would do the same thing. So THANK YOU again for a beautiful tattoo. By the way the nipples look great too. Patients love them too. You are the best. 🙂

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