Bunch of cool stuff from this week….

While I did have one cancellation this week – I did get to work on some projects that I am super excited about! Once again, my photography does not do these justice (well except for Bernie, who seems to be somehow more photogenic than everyone else that I work on).

(Tuesday) This is our second sit on Bernie’s lower back.

We didn’t actually do this tattoo this week – but Lou was nice enough to stop in this week to let me get a healed photo.

(Wednesday) Beth was able to come in and get her hand done with the first God of the week. I always worry about hands healing well and hope to hunt her down again soon to make sure that everything has held well. 

(Thursday) Started this piece on Craig of Zeus over the Rochester skyline. Second God of the week and would have liked to spend more time on it – but I also worked on Marc Thursday although I completely forgot to take a stage photo.

(Friday) Casey and the third God of the week. Odin was done in the last session and we added Tyr this time. This wraps around the the underside as well and is his first tattoo (it will be a full sleeve when it is completed)

(Saturday) I had a cancellation and Garrett was able to come in last minute for the third sit on his first tattoo. No Gods, but definitely an epic battle! 

This has nothing to do with tattoos – just thought it was cool so I would include it here. Saturday night I came home to one hundred (yes, that’s right, one hundred) pounds of potatoes.

All in all a fantastic week filled with great people and some really fun projects!

~ by justteejay on April 18, 2010.

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