Detroit Motor City Expo 2010

Some pictures from this weekend:

Did this entire piece on Friday. Nice way to start out the weekend. She sat great and as of today said that it is almost finished peeling.

Mike Skiver posing for some photographer guy

hanging out in the booth with Chris Longo

TeeJay and Chris Longo

John hard at work (while I was goofing off apparently)

My last tattoo for the weekend – pretty cool little worm

Worm tattoo by TeeJay

Lots of pictures of Paul and John (since I had the camera)
Paul Dill and John SheaPaul Dill & John Shea
Paul Dill & John Shea

On the way home I wanted to stop at the Joseph Brant museum…. as it turns out they are closed on Mondays (go figure). Maybe next time….

sign for the Joseph Brant museumAll in all it was a great show. Did a bunch of tattoos, saw a bunch of old friends, met a few new ones, won a new tattoo machine in a raffle, got invited to do a guest spot, got some new inks, got some mini canvases for the pint size paintings, and had a great dinner at Fishbones after it was all over. Only downside was the hotel bill – thinking that next year I either need to lay off the room service or stay somewhere else (ouch!)… but all worth it and I’ll definitely be back next year.

~ by justteejay on March 3, 2010.

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