Cairo painting for saleDelirium painting for saleInflicted painting for saleLettingGo painting for saleMarchHare painting for sale(Frankenstein's) Monster painting for sale Phoenix painting for saleSiren & Seahorse painting for salewaterbabies painting for saleBear and Bunny (snuggling)bunny painting by TeeJayGypsy Skull Lady Painting by TeeJayDelirium Painting by TeeJaypainting by TeeJayimg_3169flyingrodentBast Napping (painting by TeeJay)Flying Lessons (painting by TeeJay)March Hare Original Oil Painting by TeeJaypaintings by TeeJayPhoenix painting by TeeJayWaterbabiesFlying Fish watercolor painting by TeeJay Letting Go - bird painting by TeeJay Octobunny watercolor painting by TeeJay Skull & dragonfly oil painting by TeeJayAntlered Cat drawing by TeeJay

2 Responses to “Paintings”

  1. Hey! I met and chatted with you this past weekend at the tattoo convention in Asheville. I bought a few of your post cards and fell in love with one of them. It’s a girl which I am assuming is a mermaid it’s got a few gold fishes around her face. You told me you sent it to be scanned and were thinking about making prints. If you do I would love you buy one. I can’t get image out if my head and would love it for my bedroom. Please let me know of you decide to print it. I want it desperately! It’s beautiful. Thanks!

    • Hi Lauren 🙂
      Thank you! Glad you like the image. I am planning on making prints within the next couple of months – plan right now is to use “Prints on Wood” to have them made as I own several of their prints and am really happy with the quality. Plus since they are already on wood, they don’t need to be framed and it makes hanging simpler.
      I am sure I will put something on the blog when I make prints and I will be listing the originals on here for sale within the next week or so. So keep an eye here and I will let everyone know when the prints are ready.
      thank you again

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